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since 1997, has reported on the important news, events, trends and people in the $23.5 billion fast casual restaurant industry segment. we reach a global audience of industry professionals looking to track the latest food and beverage trends, top markets for growth and hot concepts. our site features a directory of product and service providers as well as slideshows, videos and research.


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nicole troxell

before joining networld media group as vp of editorial, where she oversees networld media group's 10 b2b publications, cherryh cansler served as content specialist at barkley ad agency in kansas city. throughout her 17-year career as a journalist, she's written about a variety of topics, ranging from the restaurant industry and technology to health and fitness. her byline has appeared in a number of newspapers, magazines and websites, including forbes, the kansas city star and american fitness magazine. she also serves as the managing editor for

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so you want to be featured in fastcasual? here's how to get in front of the editor:

  1. press release. we love them! but make it easy for us. copy and paste your press release into the body of an email addressed to (don't attach it) sending a pdf will not prevent copy-editing, but it will probably delay the posting of your news.
  2. include photos. include photographs and/or video if available and of good quality. standard-format digital files are accepted (.png, .jpg, gif) as are video links, and embed codes. identify the source and person or place shown; if more than one person, tell us who's who (by name, title, company). 
  3. avoid flowery descriptions and exaggerated or hyperbolical expressions of praise. no opinions; stick to the facts and keep them short and sweet.
  4. provide a quote from a specific brand leader. include name, title and employer of the person being quoted.
  5. provide lists and/or stats when possible.

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