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learn why high oleic soybean oil is a win-win for restaurants, diners

soybean oil is the leading edible oil on the global landscape and the latest innovation from the u.s. soy industry. the big reason? it’s proving valuable, efficient and good for foodservice and consumers.

learn why high oleic soybean oil is a win-win for restaurants, dinersphoto by

| by judy mottl — editor, &

restaurants and foodservice companies have more than a few choices when it comes to oil for frying, but one, high oleic soybean oil, is catching greater attention given the range of benefits it offers.

readily available and competitively priced, high oleic soybean oil provides enhanced functionality, an extended fry life and nutritional benefits.

those advantages and additional benefits are discussed in a free one-hour webinar, "discover the many benefits high oleic soybean oil offers food service companies and consumers," sponsored by us soy and hosted by qsrweb.

the discussion is led by dennis strayer, an edible oils consultant at qualisoy.

strayer brings over 40 years of experience in the oilseed business in analytical, processing, functional applications, as well as in sales and marketing. he has a background in quality control and assurance, regulatory affairs and food safety, and is an active member of the american oil chemists' society and institute of food technologists. he has also served in the past on the institute of shortening and edible oils technical committees.

during the one-hour free webinar strayer offers up the range of benefits high oleic soybean oil provides both restaurants and consumers as well as insight on why it's gaining traction and adoption in the foodservice industry.

don't miss this informative event. click here to get a free download of the webinar.

judy mottl

judy mottl is editor of retail customer experience and food truck operator. she has decades of experience as a reporter, writer and editor covering technology and business for top media including aol, informationweek and internetnews.


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