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tips, advice for successful restaurant e-commerce software deployments

experts from fast casual global restaurant brand vapiano, intel and menu will share insight on successful global software strategies in a free one-hour webinar on june 2.

tips, advice for successful restaurant e-commerce software deploymentsphoto by

| by judy mottl — editor, &

global software deployments are no easy feat for fast casual restaurants or any foodservice provider, but insider advice, tips and best practices strategies can go a long way in avoiding huge missteps and overcoming challenges.

that insight and expertise is the focus of a free one-hour webinar being held june 2 at 11 a.m. est, sponsored by intel and hosted

judy mottl, a networld media group editor, will serve as moderator for the panel talk featuring dr. zana ilhan, global hospitality and entertainment lead, intel corp., raphael enderle, head of global success management at menu and michael szubarga, it and digital adoption manager at vapiano, a restaurant franchise company headquartered in cologne, germany.

ilhan has over 20 years of industry experience in the design and manufacture of revolutionary electronics, devices, technology and services for various end markets including edge computing, embedded semiconductors, software and services, and data centers. he has been working at intel over seven years, and leads global entertainment and hospitality market segments as part of the network and edge group.

enderle has been with menu for more than five years, leading various teams in business development and market expansion areas. he established menu's international implementations team and is recognized as an industry expert and a valued partner by large global restaurant brands due to his extensive experience working with the franchisees operating across diverse international locations.

szubarga has been actively involved in implementing vapiano's digital strategy as it and digital adoption manager. he joined the company about a year ago with a vision to transform and digitalize customer service using innovative, reliable and well-designed technology that ensures excellent and convenient digital ordering and payment.

with menu, vapiana has achieved an improved guest experience and better management of operational complexities across international locations.

during the one-hour free event, "implementing restaurant e-commerce: advice for successful software deployments from around the globe," the panelists will provide an overview on how to implement software and deployment advice restaurant brands can put to use. the talk will also provide answers to these questions:

  • how do the leading global brands navigate advanced restaurant e-commerce onboarding and deployment process?
  • what is the advice for successful saas implementations from the technology experts and restaurant it managers?
  • how does menu ensure constant support and customer success for its restaurant partners around the globe?

don't miss what promises to be an informative webinar event. sign up here.

judy mottl

judy mottl is editor of retail customer experience and food truck operator. she has decades of experience as a reporter, writer and editor covering technology and business for top media including aol, informationweek and internetnews.


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