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loyalty programs

webinar deep dives into modern loyalty programs

transactions are just the tip of the loyalty iceberg. this webinar deep-dives below the surface to explain how to get more out of your rewards program.

webinar deep dives into modern loyalty programsistock photo

| by mandy wolf detwiler — managing editor, networld media group

the way restaurants use loyalty programs is changing. no longer are they simply transactional, used to capture email addresses and send mass promotions. today, they're intuitive, user friendly and smart. transactions are just one part of loyalty programs.

that changing loyalty program strategy is the focus of a free webinar, "the loyalty iceberg: creating human centered experiences," hosted by and sponsored by ncr corporation. panelists were catherine saab, product manager, consumer marketing for ncr corporation, and andy o'dell, chief strategy officer for clutch. mandy wolf detwiler, editor of pizza marketplace and qsrweb, moderated the one-hour webinar.

in the presentation saab noted that 78% of consumers expect personalized experiences based on prior interactions, but that only 16% of companies can meet that expectation.

"half of all consumers would leave a brand if they're not treated as a recognized guest," saab said, "so if you collect data on me, i expect something in return. those expectations today require technology that will help optimize these experiences for them."

the tip of the iceberg is considered traditional loyalty.

"it's very transactional in nature," saab said. but beneath the tip of the iceberg are six concepts:

  • recognition: addressing a guest by name, knowing where they are and where they've been, and saying goodbye and thanks.
  • understanding: starting with a persona and ending with a person. know the customer's likes and limitations and track his or her behaviors. they do change.
  • embracing: make a customer feel like he or she is special and "in the know."
  • removing friction: let customers blend physical and digital experiences and provide consistency.
  • knowing: what, when, where and why a customer purchases. only send relevant communications.
  • adding value: personalize offers and content. offer benefits not just discounts. be helpful and respect guests' time.

click here to download the free webinar.

mandy wolf detwiler

mandy wolf detwiler is the managing editor at networld media group and the site editor for and she has more than 20 years’ experience covering food, people and places.

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