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hot chikn kitchn accepting cryptocurrency for franchise fees

hot chikn kitchn accepting cryptocurrency for franchise fees

hot chikn kitchn, a fast casual brand that serves nashville-style food, plans to open 200 locations by signing several franchise deals over the next three years and is allowing franchisees to use certain cryptocurrencies to pay their $40,000 franchisee fees.

"as we look to expand our presence, we are exploring franchise partnerships that will help carry us into a strong future," dave wood, chief strategic officer, said in a company press release. "we have a proven concept that has experienced rapid growth and we are excited to continue with that momentum with partners who share in our vision and are focused on bringing our quality brand to more markets."

hot chikn kitchn, which was founded in 2020 by mike and anthony sarago, along with founding chef freddy gilmore, is based in woodbridge, virginia. it specializes in hot chicken tenders and sandwiches that are prepared with made-to-order spices.

in addition to in-restaurant dining, hot chikn kitchn offers online ordering for pickup, delivery through third-party partners and catering.

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