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mobile apps, online pay option may spur restaurant spend

mobile apps, online pay option may spur restaurant spendphoto by

more than half of restaurant patrons view mobile apps (56%) and the ability to pay online (57%) as features that would lead them to spend more and 40% are very or extremely familiar with subscriptions services.

those are top findings from a paytronix report on how high-tech consumers are attracted to restaurants providing modern digital capabilities.

the report finds a "definite" correlation between technology adoptions and consumer willingness to join loyalty programs and subscription services, and revealed 60% of high-tech consumers participate in loyalty programs at qsrs and 75% do so at table-service restaurants, according to a press release on the findings.

additional findings include:

  • mobile apps are the most popular way all consumers connect with loyalty programs. many high-tech consumers use mobile apps to connect with qsrs (72%) and table-service restaurant (79%) loyalty programs, and 67% and 55% of mainstream technology consumers do the same, respectively.
  • 34% of high-tech consumers already are enrolled in a subscription program, and 27% of high-tech non-subscribers are "very" or "extremely" interested in restaurant subscriptions. high-tech consumers interested in subscription services also are much more likely to enroll in subscription services at both qsrs and table-service restaurants (61%) than the sample average (50%).

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