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noodles & co testing asian broth bowls

noodles & co testing asian broth bowlsprovided

noodles & co has launched a propriety noodle, leanguini, and is testing three asian-inspired broth-based bowls, according to a company press release.

leanguini was created in-house by noodles' culinary team and has the same taste and texture as a regular linguini but 56% fewer net carbs and 44% higher protein than traditional wheat pasta noodles, said cmo stacey pool.

"as we've innovated our menu over the past few years bringing forward more health-focused options and balanced dishes, we've seen more and more guests change their eating habits and try our healthier menu options," she said in the release. "with the versatility of leanguini and how well it complements every dish on our menu, we anticipate many guests will transition to this noodle because its taste, texture, and nutritional composition is unlike any other noodle available anywhere."

leanguini is now available at the chain's 450 locations.

noodles is also focusing on asian flavors with japanese pan noodles and pad thai, along with newer options such as grilled orange chicken lo mein and spicy korean beef noodle. noodles' culinary team has created the brand's first-ever broth-based noodle bowls to elevate even more delicious asian-inspired dishes on its menu.

to roll out the all-new broth bowls, noodles is testing three flavorful dishes:

  • japanese chicken broth bowl: ramen pork broth with lo mein noodles and grilled chicken, carrots, napa and red cabbage, topped with green onions.
  • sesame chicken dumpling broth bowl: chicken sesame-infused broth with chicken dumplings, lo mein noodles, carrots, napa and red cabbage, topped with green onions.
  • vietnamese steak broth bowl: traditional pho-style beef broth with rice noodles and steak, spinach, napa and red cabbage, topped with green onions and cilantro.

"menu innovation has been at the core of who we are at noodles — we are always looking for new ways to present our guests with exciting new flavor profiles made from premium fresh ingredients," nick graff, executive chef and vice president of culinary at noodles & company, said in the release. "we were inspired by the comforting taste and unique flavors of asian cuisine to create our new broth bowls, and with guests already showing such affinity for the asian options on our menu, the new broth bowls round out our beloved asian options."

asian broth bowls are available only at select test restaurants in colorado, illinois and ohio.

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