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the big salad sold to north carolina-based investor

the big salad sold to north carolina-based investorbrent sheena. provided

north carolina entrepreneur brent sheena is buying the big salad from founder and ceo john bornoty, according to a company press release.

details of the deal, which includes management and support of nine locations in michigan and texas, along with intellectual property rights to support future growth, were not disclosed.

"the appeal of the big salad concept is that fast, convenient food can be fresh and nutritious, allowing the customer the ability to choose and customize a salad or wrap based on their dietary needs and preferences," said sheena, a north carolina-based investor and entrepreneur, who owns companies in the computer software, it support, shared workspace, real estate and fitness sectors in addition to a jamba juice franchise.

sheena will open just salad locations in owosso and farmington, michigan, york, south carolina, cincinnati, ohio, and jackson, mississippi, as well as a corporate store and training facility in the carolinas. future plans include adding 50 additional 2022年世界杯冠军 in new markets by 2025.

bornoty, who grew the big salad to nine locations at the time of the acquisition, will stay on as a consultant and assist with franchise development. company headquarters were relocated to charlotte with a corporate office retained in waterford, michigan.

established in 2008, the big salad serves salads, wraps, sandwiches and soups.

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