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vitality bowls opening in arizona

vitality bowls opening in arizonaprovided

vitality bowls, which specializes in açaí bowls and smoothies, is entering arizona, thanks to a deal with gary legumina, his sons casey and jake legumina, as well as their mother julie delaney, according to a company press release.

the group is planning for a late summer opening at 3975 east williams fields road in gilbert and will eventually open two to three locations in the area.

"i'm thrilled to introduce vitality bowls to the gilbert community and bring healthy and delicious food options to those in the local area," said gary legumina, who operated several subway locations throughout the area for 18 years, in the release. "vitality bowls is the next big thing when it comes to healthy eating, and it will absolutely be a hit in the gilbert community. i can't wait to open my café doors and create a whole new legion of superfood fans."

in addition to açaí bowls and smoothies, the brand features warm and savory items including salads, grain bowls, wraps and toasts loaded with nutritional ingredients and a wide range of superfood toppings.

there are over 145 vitality bowls locations open or in development across the united states.

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