food truck operator e-learning series

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food truck operator e-learning series

put your food truck on the road to success!

the food truck operator e-learning series is for anyone who owns – or is thinking about starting – a food truck business. the course contains presentations from food truck and restaurant industry experts as well as interviews with successful food truck owners. you'll gain insights to help you drive your business forward and fulfill your goals for success.

course curriculum

launching a food truck: what you must know before taking the plunge
food truck expert niki hodgskiss, shares her expertise about running a food truck, insider info on challenges and attaining success, from developing a business plan to avoiding common pitfalls. she works one-on-one with food truck entrepreneurs on truck builds and strategy.

marketing 101: how to build your customer base
anne dipaola, founder of nhg, a hospitality consulting group, shares specific tips, tricks and strategic solutions for launching and driving a robust and cost-effective marketing strategy. her knowledge spans from website construction to social media, and sales strategy. ballard brands' coo bill dipaola, a former food truck operator also offers up to-dos and guidance on marketing initiatives from his 23-plus years in the industry.

laws and liability in 世界杯比赛国家名单 the food truck
food truck operators planning to expand via the franchise model need to know, well beforehand, the potential legal issues before contracts are exchanged. attorney even goldman discusses what to do and what not to do when it comes to 世界杯比赛国家名单 . goldman serves as chair of the franchise and hospitality practice group at a.y. strauss, llc, based in new jersey. he specializes in franchise legal and liability issues.

five keys to expand your revenue channels
foodservice industry veteran kathleen wood offers a comprehensive presentation that provides ideas and advice for expanding the revenue opportunities for your food truck business; from catering, to local events and private events. in this challenging economic time, her insights are invaluable to the food truck operator.

is it time to franchise your food truck?
one of the fastest routes to expansion is 世界杯比赛国家名单 a food truck, but success depends on a slew of factors and knowing how to hurdle challenges. ballard brands coo bill dipaola, who has run his own food trucks as president and coo of dat dog enterprises, shares how to make the franchise strategy a successful effort, what to avoid, best practices to embrace and common pitfalls facing the food truck operator.

is it time to go brick-and-mortar?
more food trucks are branching out into physical brick-and-mortar restaurants to grow the business and the brand. find out how to make it a worthwhile strategy from curry up now ceo akash kapoor who's made a successful move into the physical restaurant industry with his own food truck enterprise.

lessons from the driver's seat
what better insight can a food truck operator get than to learn from those who have established successful and growing food truck businesses. in this session, kannoli kraze ceo and founder sal lopiccolo shares how he got started, the challenges he hurdled in growing his food truck, opening a brick-and-mortar retail location, and now launching a kiosk sales strategy.

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